First Migraine in Kuwait

June 25 – Tuesday
Gorgeous view!

Last night we went apartment hunting in a place called Mahboula and we looked at 3 places. The first one we saw was an older property and it was not so nice, but it did have a lot of space and a beautiful view to the sea! The second one was newer and nicer and it had an even better view of the sea! The third one blew my mind away! The apartment was spacious and gorgeous! It had a huge kitchen and all the rooms were big and each room had a straight view of the ocean! It had an amazing kitchen with a DISHWASHER!! I fell in love! The only problem with this place was it was over our budget by 400! I could not take the apartment out of my mind even if it was more than what we budgeted for! We came up with our budget because we want to travel and if we get a place that is more expensive it goes out of our travel budget.. I contacted another company yesterday because I came across their website and he said he would call me back regarding the property I was asking about so I gave him my cell phone number and email. But of course he didn’t call me or email me back! Last night by the time we got home I had a killer headache! My headaches are the bane of my existence! I knew it was my fault this time because I did not eat properly…AKA skipped lunch! By the time we finished looking at apartments and walking in the heat I was gone! It sucked because we picked up Papa Johns on the way wand I couldn’t properly enjoy it! And I love Papa John’s..one of the things I missed living in Toronto! By 9:30 I was in bed! I just wanted this headache to end! A friend of ours from Toronto went to a homeopathic doctor in India for his migraines and I am thinking of trying that.   I went to a neurologist in Toronto, but she prescribed medicine for me and all the side effects scared the crap out of me so I just stuck to my own prescription 3-4 Advils and sleep in a dark cool place with a cold cloth. Anyhow, I woke up this morning and felt so much better! Also, this was the first night I slept through the whole night! I hope I am able to sleep through the night from now on!

The beautiful dishwasher!!!

So I called the real estate agent about the apartment he never called me back about and he said it is not available and neither are any of the others that I asked about! Why does your website have all these apartments showing as available, but they really aren’t? So confusing and frustrating!

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