Good-Bye Canada

Sorry about the formatting I will try and fix this as soon as I can!
The day has finally reached and we are down to D-day! I feel as if I am in a dream. Moving to Kuwait was a big decision and when I think of all the things/people I am leaving behind, it really scares/makes me sad. I have heard so many stories and read so many things so my mind is in over drive with thoughts running around! With all this in mind with a heavy heart, we are on the way to the airport. Our friends and family have come to see us off which is so sweet, but also depressing! Leaving the life I had in the last four years was one tough decision and running through my head over and  over is “Did we make the right decision?” The irony of all this is that when I first moved to Toronto, I hated it! And now leaving, I feel so sad! 

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