Stay at Home Mania

Life has done a complete turn around for me in the sense of my role. In the last year I went from working to being a stay at home mom. We decided that I would stay at home to take care of our daughter and The Husband would bring home the Bacon. This was a… Continue reading Stay at Home Mania


You are Loved

I never thought my return to blogging would be written with such a heavy heart. On Friday, October 7th I was forwarded a picture of little Sherin Mathews saying MISSING. This sweet girl was the adopted daughter of a couple I knew vaguely about 10 years ago. Here is a synopsis of how this story… Continue reading You are Loved

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Flying with an Infant

Last weekend we did a quick weekend getaway to Dubai with The Spawn. So far we have been on the plane around 6 times with our Spawn. The first time we flew from Dallas to Toronto and back to Dallas when she was around 1.5 months. The third flight was Dallas to Kuwait when she… Continue reading Flying with an Infant


July 4th!!

Happy 4th of July to everyone! I really miss being outdoors and having a Popsicle while watching the fireworks.. Hopefully one day soon we will be back and can share these moments with our Spawn. I didn't have any outfits for The Spawn that's American (Lots of Texas, but no American....) So I thought we… Continue reading July 4th!!

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Canada Day!

July 1st was Canada Day and it was the 150th anniversary of Canada! This was a huge event for Canada and going through my Instagram and SnapChat all our friends and families were having a wonderful time celebrating and enjoying the long weekend! I just want to wish everyone a happy and Safe weekend! I… Continue reading Canada Day!


A Tribute – Michael Bond

I saw a news alert that came up on my phone that Michael Bond the creator of the popular children's character Paddington Bear has passed away. This made me reminisce about the story I read from my childhood about the bear from Darkest Peru who was found at the train station with a suitcase and… Continue reading A Tribute – Michael Bond

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It’s just not the same….

When we found out that I was pregnant after almost a year after the miscarriage, we were so happy - but then there was always a fear of another miscarriage resonating behind all the happiness and joy. Thankfully I had an amazing pregnancy the 2nd time around - sadly no cravings! But I did eat… Continue reading It’s just not the same….